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Our flagship digital thermometer that we have manufactured since 1993

Stress and Biofeedback Instrument, Biofeedback equipment

Lie Detector - lies register as colder hands

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How Temperature Relates To Stress   Under stress muscles tense and blood flow is restricted to the main body and shut down from the hands and feet. Stress Level Rule - Warm Hands Relaxed, Cold Hands Tense. Hand/foot temperature ranges over 40 degrees from a low of 60 degrees to as high as 99 degrees F. Changes of 5 degrees or more can take place in seconds.

Stress Measurement Product List

Stress Thermometer™ - SC 911 Small Digital Thermometer, 0.1 degree readout in F or C

Stress Thermometer™ Program - SC945 Small Digital Thermometer, 0.1 degree readout in F or C

Stress Test Display - SC838 Small Digital Thermometer mounted on educational stress test display

GSR - Measure sweatty hands, see bottom of page

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Only $21.95 [$19.95 for 50+]

We changed the name to be less confusing and made some important improvements. It is a complete package now - retail display, battery, velcro hanger and instruction sheet. Private labeling is available for large orders.


Watch your temperature plummet 10 degrees by just thinking about your bossy mother. Be amazed as it surges 6 degrees when you talk about your great vacation in Bali. Marvel as your temperature rockets 22 degrees when you listen to a Hologrpahic Music« cassette. Great fun to test friends and co-workers. Super tool for therapists to see true feelings and thoughts. You'll wonder if it can read your mind and sense your emotions. The Stress Computer or Stress Thermometer has the advantage of giving you a specific number value for stress levels that can be compared over time to check improvement and for degrees of reactions to different stressful event.

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                Watch a mini-movie of the Stress Thermometer Changing Temperature

                Here are some ways you can use the Stress Thermometer™ - 

 Migraine Headaches, Insomnia, Tension Headaches, Anxiety, PTSD, Raynaud's Syndrome, Stress Management, Relaxation, Meditation, Biofeedback,  reduce High Blood Pressure, reduce Arthristis Inflamation,  reduce Test Anxiety, reduce Performance Anxiety, Improve Sports Performance., Stress Related Illness, etc.

LCD Digital Thermometer with Research Grade Temperature Sensor for fast, accurate readings. displays your Stress Level to the nearest 0.10 F. (e.g., 83.5F, 85.6, 90.8)For Stress Management, Rehab., Employee Training, Education, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Counseling, & Sports.

LARGE DISPLAY - Easy to read!

FAST SENSOR - Quickly see how thoughts and feelings change your temperature.

Attractive Hi-Tech look. High Contrast LCD display, 3/4ö high. Displays temperature to the nearest 0.1. Thermistor wire length - 10 ft.

Monitors both body temperature and room temperature. Easy to use IN/OUT Switch.

Temperature updates every 2 seconds, Accuracy +/- 1.80 F, Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature. Electronic Quartz Accuracy. Temperature range 58 F to +158 F. Features - Digital Clock, Desktop stand that tilts and thus allows for easy reading, Battery Life approximately one year. Battery included.

Unit size 2 3/4 inches long, 2 1/8 inches high, 5/8 inches wide. Fits easily in shirt pocket or purse.

30 Day Limited Warranty

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        Complete training package includes:

        1. Stress Thermometer™ #SC911

        2. Time To Relax - Audio CD # 115H-CD audio CD

        3. Warm Hands, Warm Heart Self-Training Booklett.

The Stress Thermometer™ program by Dr. Lowenstein teaches Muscle Relaxation and Hand/Feet Warming. Warm Hands, Warm Heart - training book is a complete self-teaching book with special training strategies for reducing the stress that leads to High Blood Pressure, Migraine Headaches, Ulcers, Insomnia, etc. A great gift of good health!

Stress Thermometer Program with Audio-CD 


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8.5" BY 11" display with mounted Stress Thermometer™. Instructions explain how to test for stress. Optional business card dispenser included. Great for waiting rooms, health fairs and retail stores. People love to test their stress level. It's a great hit at workshops and health fairs. People flock around teasing each other to see stress reactions. Hold or tape on sensor.

It will really draw people to your display or booth. They will pull their friends over to have them take the test. They love to tease their friends during the test.

“Hey, Mary, get that report done for next week?”

“Bill how was that hot date last Friday?” Watch a mini-movie of the Stress Test Display Changing Temperature

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