Stress Control For Students

By Tim Lowenstein, Ph.D.

Having been a student and working my way all through the hurdles to a Ph.D., I know the pressures of school's tests, projects and exams can be crushing. To get good grades you need to be relaxed. A good clean and clear mind will imprint into memory what you study and you will be able to recall it clearly and accuartely so that you perform better on exams.

Have you ever been studying and suddenly realize you do not even remember the last 10 pages? Not controlling your mind and drifting off in some day dream or worrying about school, relationships or money is a real problem. It is a waste of your time and energy.

Procrastination.......... let's say that all together. PROCRASTINATION. This is one of the worst habits you can develop as a student. Putting off getting your school work done. Not reading, not doing the problems, not working on the assignments, etc. Simply NOT doing school. Okay you may be a tish lazy but often this is a stress related problem. You are tense and nervous about school and just put off what you have to do. What happens? Bingo, things get worse, you get more tense, your grade suffers. Releasing that tension can help you get the strength to GET YOUR WORK done. No more wasting time avoiding it or worrying about it. You just do it!

Clutching on exams or blanking out is a common problem for students. You leave the test and are walking down the hallway or sidewalk when you remember the correct answer or you realize mistakes you just made on the exam. Argh...... the teacher or professor will NOT give you credit for that! These memory lapses are due to stress and test anxiety. We can teach you scientific methods to relax. These relaxation training exercises have been tested and will effectively help your body to relax, your emotions to calm and your mind to be clear.


You can actually raise your grades by relaxing. student stress


Stress Control FOR STUDENTS

This is a set of 3 audio CDs with a training guide. You learn scientific methods that produce profound physical and mental relaxation. Tighten your fist, hold it tight and then relax all at once. 1. You learn to feel tension 2. Your muscle will relax and release tension. You go through the whole body doing this.

There 6 different scientific methods to relaxation on these audio CDs. Each one builds on the previous one so that you gain more mastery and skill.

Clutching on exams, blanking out, test anxiety, knotted stomach, headaches, lack of concentration and other study and exam related problems will be gone as you learn to release tension, relax and focus your mental state.

I was on the staff of a University Counseling Center when I developed this program. First I helped myself. My grades jumped up one whole level and I studied less because I could relax and concentrate. Learning and memory were easier and too less effort. Then I offered this program to students at the University who found similar success. I had smirky smile knowing that I was studying less and getting better grades. haha

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  Stress Control FOR STUDENTS 160HS -CD $20 [Checkout]

Manage stress while studying, attending classes and taking exams. EXCESSIVE TENSION BLOCKS LEARNING. Make study time count! Learn more in less time. No more clutching on exams or forgetting answers. Get consistently good grades. The Stress Control For Students set includes 101H, 102H & 103H with a detailed training guide on how to relieve the pressures of school for students & teachers! (Teen to Adult). See description of these audio CDs that come with this programbelow.

 stress thermometer students DELUXE Stress Control FOR STUDENTS 165HS -CD $37.95 [Checkout]

This is same set of 3 audio CDs with relaxation exercises as above plus the training guide. It also includes the Stress Thermometer a very critical feedback tool that will show your precise level of stress. Save $ 2. Dr Lowenstein recommends this deluxe set for as the best choice for students.



First tighten your fists as tightly as you can, then release all at once. Feel the delicious warmth pouring into your hands. Relieve knotted tension from the muscles all over your body. On Side II release tension from the fine muscles of your throat, eyes and face.

Audio Sample Side 1 or Track 1: 101H wav file     101H real player   101H mp3

Audio Sample Side 2 or Track 2: 101H 2 wav file     101H 2 real player  101H 2 mp3


 My whole body is relaxed and my hands are warm, relaxed and warm. Use gentle commands like this to quietly direct your body into deep relaxation. You can actually HEAT your hands and feet 100 to 250 warmer. On Side II, Spacial Relaxation phrases will train you to shut off pestering thoughts/feelings. Detach from daily woes and troubles and float among the clouds of a deep blue sky.

Audio Sample Side 1 or Track 1: 102H wav file     102H real player   102H mp3

Audio Sample Side 2 or Track 2: 102H 2 wav file     102H 2 real player    102H 2 mp3


Walk through the woods to a refreshing Waterfall where you drift up with the smoke to become a free flying bird. Beautiful Music. Sounds effects and specially crafted music make this selection like Movie for your Mind. Side II use Breathing to erase away tension, to energize yourself. Incredible deep rest as you sweep through your body breathing away all the tension and stress.

Audio Sample Side 1 or Track 1: 103H wav file     103H real player   103H mp3

Audio Sample Side 2 or Track 2: 103H 2 wav file     103H 2 real player  103H 2 mp3




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