SPECIAL APPLICATIONS for Stress Thermometer, temperature biofeedback, relaxation

There are a number of illnesses that are specifically linked to excessive stress in the circulatory or autonomic nervous system. Stress-induced Migraine Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Stroke and Raynaud’s Syndrome [Lack of blood flow to hands or feet resulting in extreme cold and sometimes severe tissue damage] are well documented research and clinical applications of temperature self-regulation. When trained to increase warmth in hands and feet, the illnesses can sometimes be eliminated and/or health markedly improved.

The greatest difficulty you face in returning your body to a state of health is habituation and mind set. As in the case of migraines, people will identify themselves as migraine patients as if they were a special species of human. They have medical portfolios that are presented like an academic record documenting their array of doctors and variety of failed treatments.

Unfortunately, there is a secondary gain from illness. When we have a headache, people don’t bother us. We can get out of going to events or carrying out certain duties. Releasing an old illness will change your relationship with others and with yourself!

The biggest stumbling block in training is that you want to see immediate change in your illness. Hey, it’s been there growing and developing for years. So give yourself 3 to 4 weeks before you expect any change. First look for small changes in your behavior or experience. “Gee, I waited in the grocery line for 5 minutes and my muscles didn’t knot up on my shoulders. I didn’t even bark at the clerk!” First learn the skill to relax, then apply it to developing new health and releasing congested tension.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Once you have mastered heating your hands to 95║ or more with each of the relaxation exercises, tape the thermistor to your middle toe. Use Side II Warming Hands and Feet and concentrate on heating up your feet. This may be somewhat more difficult than heating up your hands. Initially, try a small goal of heating up only 3║ to 5║ warmer from where you start. Throughout the day take short 5 minute breaks to heat both your hands and feet. Exercise to sweating 3 or more times per week [consult health care professional] and eat wholesome organic foods with a focus on grains and vegetables.

MIGRAINE HEADACHES Imagine being in bed two days a week with pain pounding headaches for 19 years with little relief from medication. Then after 8 weeks of Stress Computer™ training, you are able to lower your daily tension level (hands at start of training averaged 72║, four weeks later average 82║, eight weeks later average 87║) and you can detect a headache at its onset (sense a drop in temperature of 5║ below average). You can quickly relax to warm your hands.

There are several goals.

1. Learn to deeply relax and heat your hands to 95 F or better. Maintain for 10 min or more. Ideal is 30 min. Do this daily at least once a day if possible.

2. Develop precise sensitivity so that you can feel your hands drop in temperature - even just a few degrees. This is an early warning sign of a migraine developing. Then initiate relaxation and heat your hands up.

3. Be able to heat your hands up to 90 F or higher at any time of day or night when you need to. [Master Level Skill] Like when driving a car, shopping for groceries, at work, with kids, etc.

4. Additionally, I have found it good training to learn to heat the feet up as well. The idea is to get good vasodialation through the whole body - nice even flow and distribution of blood.

SC945 Stress Thermometer kit is the least expensive training set. 100H Stress Control with SC911 Stress Thermometer is the  middle range choice.  193HS-CD BODY SHIFTING DELUXE comes with an SC911 Stress Thermometer this is the BEST.

NO MORE HEADACHES!! Suddenly a dark cloud of suffering is lifted and your life opens up like a blossoming flower. You have more time, money and energy. Your fear of when the pain will strike is gone. Your world is cheery and bright. Have a professional make certain your headaches are migraine. You may also need professional help to isolate allergens [foods, perfumes, etc.] that trigger migraines. Stress-related headaches can be eliminated by using the relaxation exercises and heating your hands to 95 or above. Focus on the skills of Side II Warming Hands and Feet. Try using the Stress Computer™ without listening to the cassette to heat your hands as warm as possible. Use the Stress Computer™ to check your hands once an hour through out the day. See what life events produce the greater stress and temperature drops for you.Develop your awareness to sense even slight drops of 2. This can be the seed or beginning of a headache. Develop your relaxation skills to heat your hands while you are driving, in a meeting, cooking, watching TV. Over time you must retrain your body to: 1. Have a higher average temperature. 2. Drop less temperature in the face of pressure. Good physical exercise and nutrition are very important.ULCERS AND INSOMNIA Follow the High Blood Pressure section. For ulcers heat hands prior to eating and throughout the day.For insomnia use the relaxation cassette to help you sleep and to return to sleep if awakening prematurely.

RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME You may used to feeling your hands or feet being cold. You might even think there is nothing you can do about it since your mother, father or other relatives have the same condition. WRONG. This can be a very serious condition - we’re talking having toes or fingers amputated! It may be easy for you to get frustrated or discouraged, so take it slow and easy.Follow the same recommendations as for High Blood Pressure. Train to increase temperature in your finger to the warmest temperature using both sides of the Time To Relax cassette. Then train to increase the temperature in your colder fingers, then start with your warmest toe and finally, in your colder toes.

ARTHRITIS Follow the same recommendations as for High Blood Pressure. When You have mastered basic relaxation, put the thermistor on swollen, aching areas and increase the temperature by increasing internal blood flow. Increases of 3║ to 5║ may be enough to provide relief.

Carpul Tunnel Sydrome Follow the same recommendations as for High Blood Pressure. When You have mastered basic relaxation, put the thermistor on swollen, aching areas and increase the temperature by increasing internal blood flow. Increases of 3║ to 5║ may be enough to provide relief.

INSOMNIA, ULCERS, DIVERTICULITIS, and a host of stress related illnesses respond well to temperature training for stress reduction. Stress affects your problem in 2 ways 1. It can bring on the illness in the first place. Strangely, the problem can emerge just after a huge crisis - like a divorce, moving to a new place, marriage, etc. 2. Pressures can make the symptoms or problem worse. You have falling trouble falling to sleep and then during tax time you stay awake for hours and hours. After training with the Stress Thermometer™ you will can see two improvements A. The symptoms dimish - you get only one headache a week and/or the headache is not nearly as painful. B. You find that in time the illness leaves all together. Your stomach feels fine and you are able to eat hot spicy foods without chugging bottles of antacids. Patience and training is the key.

THERAPY TOOL The Stress  Thermometer™ is a powerful tool when measuring a client during the therapy session. Adds a whole new dimension to family or group therapy when each person has her own Stress . The Stress  Thermometer™ reveals the truth in a bold, clear non-judgmental way. For example : A young woman, referred as a student to reduce test anxiety, during the intake interview, said her marriage was fine but her temperature dropped 3║. She said she felt fulfilled as a new mother and her temperature plummeted 10║ in a minute. In view of the temperature drops, she hung her head and revealed how her new baby refused to sleep. She and her husband were at their wits end. She felt she might soon start striking her baby. Upon sharing this, her temperature began to climb. In this case, the Thermometer™ clearly showed the client and the therapist the major or root problem in the first session. The Stress Thermometer™ has various uses during therapy -

1. To determine the direction [up or down] and to quantify mental/emotional reactions in an individual or in a family or group.

2. To measure the effectiveness of relaxation and stress reduction.

3. To monitor the depth of relaxation for guided imagery, visualization, hypnotic suggestions and imagery rehearsal to relieve phobias, to improve performance, etc. 4. Accountability, as a gauge of change. Important source of data for third party payers and administrators. In the initial sessions my temperature was 75║ or lower as I talked about my marriage. Now as a result of therapy it doesn’t go below 86║. I am getting better! The Stress Computer™ enables people to immediately see for themselves both their reactions and the consequences of their actions on the body and mind. Most importantly, the Stress Computer™ associates a number value to different human experiences. Anger 75║, Happy 93║, Rage 65║░ - 71║ADVANCED SKILLS From various findings, it appears that temperature can be self-regulated over any skin surface. Such skill calls for finer control but it appears that with training such control can be learned. The Vision Improvement series #121H teaches eye warming. Your eyes fluctuate in temperature in relation to your level of stress. We have found changes as high as 9║. Many other parts of the body show temperature fluctuations under stress and disease.Muscle warming has many applications for enhancing performance at work or in sports. Muscle strain can be soothingly and deeply relieved through training to increase the surface temperature. A slight increase of 3║ to 5║ can restore muscle flexibility and relieve agonizing pain. Learning to consciously regulate the temperature in your body is more than a great way to relieve stress. You can feel more comfortable in a wider range of temperatures and emotional environments. People who work in cold temperatures (packing plants, construction, linemen, etc.) can readily use hand warming to maintain healthy warm hands and feet.

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