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PAIN MASTERY - See photo series below

by Dr. Tim Lowenstein

Biodata for Dr. Tim Lowenstein

This photo may be shocking to some. It is offered as a demonstration as the level of skill that you can achieve through training and practice. This puncture wound demonstrates mastery of pain, infection and mental focus.

Typically, we think of advanced mastery skills as being demonstrated by monks from India or some exotic Asian country. I learned this and other skills while attending the very conservative Kansas State University. No it was not based on a course of studies in any college. It was because of the biofeedback equipment at the university and the time and energy I devoted to training. I did not set out to specifically gain these kind of skills. I focused my training on mastery of the mind and body. These unusual skills were the result of that training. Simply, I did not train by sticking a needle in my arm. I trained to enter deeply relaxed Theta and Delta mind states. I also practiced a number of meditation methods to cleanse and purge the personality. It was after intense focus on this kind of training that the unusual ability to manage the mind and body occurred.

It is amazing that this skill and the others have remained all these years. Frankly, the most difficult part of a pain/healing mastery demonstration is dealing with the reactions of the people watching. Some people tend to Ohh and Argh thinking only of their own fear or pain and suffering. It is very hard for them to imagine such an event occurring without a flood of pain and alarm signals.

Nurses and other health care professionals are amazed at how the skin clings to the needle. It forms a small tent as the needle is withdrawn from the body. It appears the skin is reluctant to release the needle.

I experience the event as if I were a member of audience. I do not judge but calmly watch. Internally, my mind accepts the needle and the individual particles of my body move aside to accept this outside entry.

I could go on and on sharing and explaining this level of mastery. I hope it encourages you to take seriously your own ability to manage headaches, ulcers, back pain and the pains of life. I share this so that you can see the advanced levels of training that you can achieve beyond warming your hands and relaxing your muscles.

Photo 1 The Size of the Needle Photo 2 Breaking the Skin

Photo 3 Needle Completely Buried - No Blood, No Pain, No Infection

Photo 4 Close-Up

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Learn to master pain and uncomfortable feelings
[Bullet] Be able to focus your energy and achieve a MASTERY of life.
[Bullet] Enhance your immune systems ability to recover health and wellness.


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