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Peel & stick CHANGE COLORS as temperature changes - Stress Feedback Test.

Biodots, Stress Points

Fast Stress Test CHANGE COLORS - glue on back so you can stick them on skin or paper or plastic

Mood Card, Stress Card

In stock ready to ship and custom printed Cardstock or Plastic

Stress Thermometer

Biofeecdback Temperature, Digital thermometer, F or C, 0.1 degree feedback. 2 second updates.

6" ruler with a Stress Chip

In Stock or Custom - Front & Back
Plastic or Cardstock

Chain and Fob have stress test chip. Attach
Key ring to take test anywhere. Custom

A sample package including stress meter, mood cards both stock and custom - plastic and cardstock,  biodots, stress squares, instruction cards, and more.

stress meters

They measure the full 40 plus degree range of stress - 60 F to 99 F. Simply tape to the finger. Stock or Custom

Stress Balls

In stock, ready to ship.

Or Custom Printed 

Stress Cards -  CUSTOM

Stress Cards or Mood Cards printed on heavy cardstock or thick credit card Plastic. Your design and artwork on the Front and Back of the card.


Sun Meter UV card 

UV sensitive strip changes color from Sun UV rays in 10 seconds.Stock or Custom

Mood Pencils, Stress Pencils

Pencils that change color as a feedback on stress. Stock or Custom printed

Stress Cards

Kids Stress Card - Children love these cards. It is fun for them to see the color change. They can develop a keen awareness of their body and practice releasing stress durning the day. Plastic or Cardstock

Stop Smoking Stress card - The desire to smoke can be driven by stress. Heat your hands to Dark Blue until the urge passes.


Blood Alcohol Stress Card or BAC stress card -Too much stress can lead to drinking too much. The back chart helps determine safe drinking levels based on your body weight and the number of drinks per hour.

Relaxation for 
Teens and Adults 

Audio CDs and training manuals to learn simple basic stress management and relaxation skills. FREE - Mood Card with sets. English or Spanish Audio Samples

SPANISH Relaxation

Audio CDs recorded in Spanish by a native speaker and training manual to learn simple basic stress management and relaxation skills. Each package includes a Mood Card. Audio Samples

Stress Management Programs for Trainers Complete package with flyers, workshops and materials to set up your own training.

Kids Relaxation

Audio CDs and books and training manuals to teach important relaxation and stress management skills to children. Audio Samples

Endless CD 

Audio CD with specific Brainwave patterns that you can play over and over for Heavenly Deep Sleep, Vivid Dreams, Peaceful Calm or Super High Energy.

Holographic Music 

A wonderful form of CD music to help you deeply relax, feel calm or choose to be energized and awake.

Use Your Mind to Heal 

A series of CDs on how to use your mind and  imagination to heal. Guided Imagery.

State of the art programs to master the body and the mind. A scientific approach to learn to control muscle tension, hand temperature, emotional states and mind states.

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5 Second Stress Test Card

Any time or any where you can Test your stress level in just 5 seconds.


Educational Resources


CAUTION! This page contains photos of a graphic demonstration of pain control. Dr. Lowenstein shows mastery level skill at controlling pain, bleeding and infection.
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