Body Shifting and Mind Shifting

Did you know that you can heat up your hands with your mind? Did you know relaxing your tongue and jaw can ward off a headache? Body Shifting program teaches you to take charge and responsibility for your own health. Body Shifting will teach you easy, safe steps to better health.

Employees Can Sue For Stress

Employees can sue the company for compensation for STRESS related illness. Worries and concerns make ulcers burn, muscles knot and sleep a nightmare. Job performance drops off, marriages break and health fails.

Relief Within 30 minutes

The results are amazing. Within 30 minutes feel your muscles unwind. Your hands and feet warm up. Your mind is calm and peaceful. Test your hand temperature on the Stress Mirror or Stress Computer. In weeks blood pressure levels can be lower, stomachs less acidic, sleep comes easily and your boss doesn't cause a dull headache.


STEP 1 : Master The Body

Body Shifting teaches you to feel and control the three major nervous systems in the body. You can lower muscle tension. You can increase hand and foot temperature. You can master your body and change how you feel and how you think! This is an excellent program to learn basic skills in body and mind control and mastery. Once you learn to release tension and relax the body, then you are trained to use your imagination to heal with amazing guided imagery to program and direct your body's ability to heal and repair.

190HS-CD BODY SHIFTING $50.00 [Checkout]   

Body Shifting Workbook

Sleep Deep And Easy ; Imagine Yourself Well and More !

8 Body Shifting Audio CDs

• Deep Muscle Relaxation 101H-CD
• Self-Directed 102H-CD
• Guided Imagery 103H-CD
• Inner Health 711H-CD
• Rapid Healing 731H-CD
• Energizing Sleep 840H-CD
• Wide Awake 834H-CD
• Candle Glow 814H -CD

1 - Mood Card

193HS-CD BODY SHIFTING DELUXE $64.00 [Checkout]

190H as above Plus Stress Thermometer SC911 as described in Products to measure stress. - read more about it.


Revolutionary program - shift between different mind states. First 4 Audio CDs- voice announces the specific Hertz (Hz.) or mind sate level. On Tape 131H, Side I BETA you hear 13 Hz., 14, 15, .... to 26 Hz. Side II same levels but No voice so you feel shifts. This is like taking an expensive EEG biofeedback training program without the expense of equipment or time. Similar to training with Mind Machine without the dangers of light flashing in eyes. The audio tones are a subtle guide to help you get the feel for different mind states - like training wheels on a bicycle.

Step 2: Master The Mind

BETA 131H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : 26 to 13 Hz / Side 2 : No Voice

ALPHA 132H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : 13 to 8 Hz / Side 2 : No Voice

THETA 133H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : 8 to 4 Hz / Side 2 : No Voice

DELTA 134H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : 4 to 1 Hz / Side 2 : No Voice

Intuition, Centering, Creativity and Time Shifting teach you to shift brainwaves to practice new mind skills - your mind is a super computer in designing or planning, develop precognition or be positive!

TIME SHIFTING 135H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1: Travel To The Past; Side 2: Travel To The Future

CENTERING 136H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : Centering I have emotions but I am not my emotions. Side 2: Freedom from outside pressures!

INTUITION 137H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : Precognition - sharpen your sense of things to come. Side 2: Merging, combine your awareness with another - Two become as One.

CREATIVITY 138H-CD $6 [Checkout]

Side 1 : 3D Modeling - imagine and walk in virtual reality. Side 2: Merge with Field of Mind, embrace the universe as a whole.


130HS-CD MIND SHIFTING $50.00 [Checkout]  


All 8 Audio CDs listed above 131H to 138H + Guidebook + 1 - Mood Card

139HS-CD MIND SHIFTING DELUXE $64.00 [Checkout]

130H above Plus Stress Thermometer SC911 as described in Products to measure stress. - read more about it.

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