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Life Stress Test Automatic Scoring

This is a list of stressful events in your life which have different number values to show the pressure that it ads to your life. Sit back, take a moment, and review your life over the past 1 to 2 years.  Go through the following list.  Click on the check box of those stressful events that you have happened or are taking place in your life. When you are done scroll to the bottom to see what your Life Stress Score is. 

NOTE: We do NOT keep any record of any test scores.

IF this test does not generate an automatic total, you can print it out, check the boxes and use a calculator to add your total Life Stress Score.

Life Event  Value Check if this applies
1 Death of spouse 100
2 Divorce 73
3 Marital separation 65
4 Jail term 63
5 Death of close family member 63
6 Personal injury or illness 53
7 Marriage 50
8 Fired at work 47
9 Marital reconciliation 45
10 Retirement 45
11 Change in health of family member 44
12 Pregnancy 40
13 Sex difficulties 39
14 Gain of new family member 39
15 Business readjustment 39
16 Change in financial state 38
17 Death of close friend 37
18 Change to a different line of work 36
19 Change in number of arguments with spouse 35
20 A large mortgage or loan 31
21 Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30
22 Change in responsibilities at work 29
23 Son or daughter leaving home 29
24 Trouble with in-laws 29
25 Outstanding personal achievement 28
26 Spouse begins or stops work 26
27 Begin or end school/college 26
28 Change in living conditions 25
29 Revision of personal habits 24
30 Trouble with boss 23
31 Change in work hours or conditions 20
32 Change in residence 20
33 Change in school/college 20
34 Change in recreation 19
35 Change in church activities 19
36 Change in social activities 18 
37 A moderate loan or mortgage 17
38 Change in sleeping habits 16
39 Change in number of family get-togethers 15
40 Change in eating habits 15
41 Vacation 13
42 Christmas 12
43 Minor violations of the law 11


Your Total Life Stress Score is =  

Note: If you experienced the same event more than once, then to gain a more accurate total, add that event score again for each extra occurrence of the event on a piece of paper. For example - death of 2 close friends.+ 37

Score Interpretation

Score Comment
300+ You have a high or very high risk of becoming ill in the near future.
150-299 You have a moderate to high chance of becoming ill in the near future.
<150 You have only a low to moderate chance of becoming ill in the near future.

This scale shows the kind of life pressure that you are facing. Depending on your coping skills or the lack thereof, this scale can predict the likelihood that you will fall victim to a stress related illness. The illness could be mild - frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep to very serious illness like ulcers, cancer, migraines and the like.

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0-149 = Low susceptibility to stress-related illness
150-299 = Medium susceptibility to stress-related illness.
Learn and practice relaxation and stress management skills and a healthy well life style.

300 and over = High susceptibility to stress-related illness
Daily practice of relaxation skills is very important for your wellness. Take care of it now before a serious illness erupts or an affliction becomes worse.
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