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Better Health, Better Life - Intro and Explanation

Mind Shifting and Body Shifting Programs - Mind/Body Shifting

Stress Control for Adults and Teens audio CD's or cassettes and books and training guides

Relaxation for Kids and Teens audio CD's or cassettes and book

Deep Relaxation Music - Music for hypnosis, meditation, brainwave rest

SamplePac - Samples of various stress test devices

Guided Imagery - - Use your Mind to Heal guided imagery

Enbless CD - Endless audio CD's

Stress Meter - glass tube thermometers - read stress by 1 to 2 degrees

Biodots - Biodots, Stress Points, Life Stress Card

Mood Card - Rich, Full Color, Heavy Cardstock Mood Card/Stress Card - Brilliant shiny coating

Plastic Mood Card -Plastic Mood Card/Stress Card - chip changes color to show stress, heavy plastic credit card

Stress Squares Change color to measure stress. Buy strips or whole sheets, uncut sheet, circles

Stress Thermometer - digital thermometer, battery powered, 0.1 feedback. F or C, FAST

Sample Pac - Order a sample pac of our products.


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